By Slava Shestopalov · Other templates

This template structures what a facilitator should say and do throughout a testing session of a digital product or interactive prototype with a user.

Disclaimer. Legal and operational aspects of research (consent forms, GDPR requirements) aren’t covered here. This template is best suited for “UX teams of one,” when a non-researcher (designer, product manager, etc.) has to conduct good enough testing.

Facilitator’s data

Goal (what you ultimately want to achieve):

Research questions (currently unknown information that you want to get):

<aside> 👉 Replace all the green <text in the brackets> with information relevant to your case.



<aside> ⚠️ If user login is required, make sure you’ve prepared test credentials, or a user will feel comfortable using real credentials (compare banking vs. online education apps).


1. Intro

<aside> ⚠️ Memorize and learn how to pronounce the user’s name. For example, “Juliet(a)” sounds differently in Mexico and France. Check this: